Gordon Hester

Gordon Hester

President and CEO, Kiemle Hagood

Professional Bio

Gordon is president and CEO of Kiemle Hagood, a commercial real estate agency that unite clients, community leaders and employees to find solutions that drive community opportunities. The agency currently manages more than 8 million square feet of office, retail, medical office, industrial, and general commercial space, which also includes 1,400 multifamily units.

He has been with the company for 31 years and oversees the operations of the company and is directly involved with the property management division and maintenance company. He is also very active in the industry through Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and WBPA.

He joined WBPA because he really wanted an organization that respected and passionately advocated for property and business owner rights in Washington state.

“Before WBPA, it did not feel like we had an organization that was going to aggressive advocate as much as I wanted to see. With WBPA not only do you get the advocacy, but as we saw last year, WBPA took it a step further by filing lawsuits to fight poor and unconstitutional legislation. Litigation was a piece we were missing and not finding in the industry.”

This is why Gordon joined. He believes now more than ever it is important to continue to advocate for property rights. This is why WBPA was formed, to represent companies like his, to protect and defend their rights and enact change.