About Us

Why the WBPA?

  • What is the WBPA? – The WBPA will be the broadest coalition of businesses and professional associations focused on commercial, residential, and retail real estate and property rights issues in Washington State.
  • Why the WBPA? – We work together to amplify our effectiveness in elections, legislative advocacy, and regulatory policy by coordinating efforts across the commercial, residential, and retail real estate industries.

WBPA Mission

  • Activate – Galvanize real estate proponents to Elect Lawmakers who understand property rights and housing needs, including moderate voices.
  • Educate – Alert the general public, lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and policy staff to the pitfalls of housing and real estate regulation.
  • Legislate – Advocate for property rights, real estate, and housing policy with the Governor, AG, and Legislature.
  • Litigate – Create an unparalleled Industry Legal Defense Fund to defend property rights in WA State

The WBPA exists to protect, defend, and advocate for

property rights across Washington State.

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