As State and Local authorities increasingly encroach on property rights, and impose burdensome regulations, and taxation, the WBPA is committed to working with the Legislature to hold the line and enact meaningful change. As a cross-industry defender and champion, we worked with partner organizations during the 2022 session to make headway on the following:

Key Legislative Wins for WBPA in 2022


  1. SB 5818 – Promoting Housing Construction by Limiting SEPA & GMA Appeals
  2. SB 5862 – Commercial Energy Program – C-PACER Fix 
  3. HB 1732 – Delaying the Long-Term Care Act (LTSS) 
  4. HB 1623 – Studying Energy Adequacy & Risks of Blackouts 


  1. SB 5139 – Rent Control after COVID
  2. HB 1904 – Rent Control Lite, One-way Lease, & Limiting Late Fees 
  3. HB 1766 – Regulating Gas Companies – Banning Natural Gas 
  4. HB 1767 – Targeted Electrification – Banning Natural Gas
  5. HB 1770 – Energy Codes – Banning Natural Gas via SBCC
  6. SB 5278 – Increasing General Contractor Liability 
    1. HB 1099 – Comprehensive Planning 
    2. HB 1951 – Creating Seller Liability with the Seller Disclosure Statements


    1. SB 5722 – Performance Standards for Buildings (Under 50,000 feet) 
    2. SB 5749 – Non-electronic Rent Payments 
    3. HB 2064 – Security Deposit Product & Additional Regulation

    The WBPA exists to protect, defend, and advocate for property rights accross Washingtion State. Legislative advocacy is of key importance in holding back overreach and preserving our economy and assets.

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