Natural Gas Ban Intiative

WBPA News,

Dear WBPA Friends,

I’ve got an exciting, urgent development to share with you. As you may recall, the Democratic-controlled state Legislature approved a bill this past session that would eventually ban the use of natural gas in Washington. The governor recently signed it into law.

House Bill 1589 was a sweetheart deal for a foreign-owned and now state-protected monopoly. It will reduce energy choice and increase costs to build, own, operate and live in Washington state. We put up a fight during the session and now it’s time for voters to step in.

The Building Industry Association of Washington, BIAW, is helping lead the charge on an initiative to the people that would roll back this bad policy. It would also preempt local jurisdictions and the unaccountable state Building Codes Council from implementing more rules that kill energy choice and drive up costs.

We need your help. It’s a tight timeline and we need your financial support to help get this initiative in front of the people. The Washington Business Properties Association is working to help secure funding for this effort and we need your support.

Our mission is to protect the property rights of our retail, commercial, and residential real estate members. Ensuring access to affordable and reliable energy is critical to those rights.

Please consider a generous contribution to the WBPA today. I’ll be following up with you to discuss how you and your businesses and join the fight for a better future in Washington.