Summary of Current Orders

WA State Orders
Local Jurisdiction Additions/Modifications

Eviction Moratorium through 10/15/20 which includes: 

  • A ban on service of 14 day pay or vacate notices. 
  • A ban on service of 10 day notices for rules violations. 
  • No terminations of tenancy or notices to terminate tenancy. 
  • Must offer renewals on term leases (short term leases are permitted). 


  • If the landlord, property owner, or property manager attaches an affidavit attesting that the action is necessary to respond to a significant and immediate risk to the health, safety, or property of others created by the resident. 
  • If the Owner personally intends to occupy the premises, or sell a premises, you can terminate tenancy with 60-days’ notice (see COVID-19 Forms). 

King County Sheriff: Will not serve writ of restitution or perform physical evictions until further notice.

Unincorporated King County: Provides defense to evictions through March 1, 2021.


  • Emergency order extended to June 30, 2020 currently.
  • The exception for sale or owner occupation is not included in mayor's orders.
  • Any eviction history during COVID-19 moratorium cannot ever be considered in tenant screening. Statement to this effect must be included on rental application.
  • Seattle city council has passed legislation that will extend eviction bans for 6 months after the end of the Mayor’s emergency orders

No rent increases or notices to increase rent through 10/15/20 (retroactive to 2/29/2020).
  • Do not give notice of rent increase or offer renewal with rent increase, even if actual increase is set to take place after 10/15/20.
No enforcement of rent payment if tenant was unable to occupy premises due to COVID-19 related circumstances.

No charging of late fees through 10/15/20 effective retroactively to February 29, 2020, for rent not paid during the ban.

Unincorporated King County: Extended to March 1, 2021.

Seattle: No late fees or interest.

Auburn: No late fees or other charges.

No collection of debt incurred after 2/29/2020 without offer of reasonable payment plan, including use of security deposit until after 10/15/20.

Unincorporated King County: Extended to March 1, 2021.

Seattle: Must offer uniform payment plans: ≤1 month overdue = 3 installments; 2 months overdue = 5 installments; > 2 months overdue = 6 installments; or other mutually agreed plan.

Auburn: Payment plan must be proven reasonable based on tenant's financial situation.