Action Alert: Oppose SB 5096 - State Capital Gains Tax

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Urging all WBPA Members to Electronically Sign in Opposition or Sign in to Testify Virtually to OPPOSE SB 5096

 SB 5096: Concerning an excise tax on gains from the sale or exchange of certain capital assets.

  • Implements a 9% Capital Gains tax including a residential dwelling with more than four units.  This includes commercial office buildings, manufactured housing, condominiums, self-storage, retail, and floating homes.
  •  The tax applies to individuals earning over $25,000, and couples earning over $50,000 annually.
  •  This tax would be in addition to the federal capital gains tax.
  •  With the Governor’s moratorium on rents not to be raised and unemployment for tenants due to COVID, we are hugely impacting the housing market.  You will likely be asked by lawmakers, what percentage of the market for your individual property or industry figures are not paying rent due to these conditions.

 Sponsors:  Senators Robinson, Wilson, C., Hunt, Nguyen

By Request: Office of Financial Management

STATUS SB:       Senate Ways and Means Committee

Hearing: Thursday, January 14 at 4:00 p.m.

  •  To Sign up to Submit written testimony, click here
  • Testify virtually in Opposition of, click here
  • To Provide opposition to be noted for the legislative record, click here.


Please also contact the members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee Urging them to OPPOSE SB 5096.

Please take action right away.

Additional Information and Talking Points to Follow

Senate Ways & Means Committee Members:

Name District Party Leg. Asst. Phone Email
John Braun 20 R Jeri May (360) 786-7638
Sharon Brown,                 *Asst Ranking Member, Operating 8 R Emily Greninger (360) 786-7614
Reuven Carlyle 36 D Joshua Peck (360) 786-7670
Steve Conway 29 D Kimberlie Lelli (360) 786-7656
Jeannie Darneille 27 D Lisa Fisch (360) 786-7652
Manka Dhingra 45 D Ashley Jackson (360) 786-7672
David Frockt, Vice Chair 46 D Crystal Chindavongsa (360) 786-7690
Chris Gildon 25 R Rachel Jo Elliott (360) 786-7648
Bob Hasegawa 11 D Amanda Eichelberger (360) 786-7616
Jim Honeyford,           Asst Ranking Member, Capital 15 R Penelope McWain (360) 786-7684
Sam Hunt 22 D Meagan Arndt (360) 786-7642
Karen Keiser 33 D Jennifer Minich (360) 786-7664
Marko Liias 21 D Curt Kohlwes (360) 786-7640
Mark Mullet 5 D Adam Day (360) 786-7608
Ron Muzzall 10 R Eric Hemmen (360) 786-7618
Jamie Pedersen 43 D Sam Hendrickson (360) 786-7628
Ann Rivers 18 R Sharon McCoy (360) 786-7634

June Robinson,            Vice Chair,
Operating & Revenue

38 D Kate Armstrong (360) 786-7674
Christine Rolfes,          Chair 23 D Linda Owens (360) 786-7644
Mark Schoesler,           Asst Ranking Member, Capital  9 R Krista Winters (360) 786-7620
Kevin Van De Wege 24 D Linda Barnfather (360) 786-7646
Keith Wagoner 39 R Sharra Finley (360) 786-7676
Judy Warnick 13 R Cynthia Banuelos (360) 786-7624
Lisa Wellman 41 D Noah Burgher (360) 786-7641
Lynda Wilson,            Ranking Member 17 R Amber Hardtke (360) 786-7632