Our Top 25 for Change this Primary Election

Election Updates,

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The Washington Business Properties Association is laying the groundwork for a comprehensive campaign aimed at restoring sanity for our residential, commercial and retail real estate partners.

Our industries continue to face serious challenges as a result of the pandemic, and unfortunately policies enacted by the state Legislature aren't helping. Basic property rights continue to be eroded, but this election cycle is a once-in-a-decade chance to meaningfully influence real estate policy in our state.

In this guide you will find the WBPA's recommendations on who to vote for and support financially, the "Top 25 for
Change." After serious vetting, the WBPA believes that if these candidates are elected, we can turn the tide for
property rights in the 2023 legislative session.

Please consider telling your network to get activated, vote, volunteer, and share your talents and resources. With your help, we can shape policy and elect people that understand the need to protect property rights in Washington State.


Chester Baldwin
CEO & Executive Director
The Washington Business Properties Association