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WBPA News,

Join the WBPA today and fight to not let the State of Washington or Municipalities across the State or any of the 39 Counties in Washington dictate any longer how you will be able to develop your property, lease your property, or decide who you will lease to or who you will sell your property to when you are ready.

Join the WBPA today and fight against unfair takings without due process. Executive proclamations that summarily deny you your property rights and due process rights.

Join the WBPA in opposition to use of unfair and costly land use and zoning regulations.

Join the WBPA today and your membership and contribution to the WBPA Legal Defense Fund will help the WBPA:

Enforce Constitutional Limits on Government Takings: The Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause of the United States Constitution allows government to take private property for public use, but only when it pays just compensation. This is sometimes referred to as eminent domain, condemnation, or a “taking.” Government officials often avoid their constitutional obligation by using regulations to limit use of property and correspondingly reducing the value of the property that has been targeted for taking. In addition, the WBPA will remain vigilant to prevent so called public-private efforts to take property that really only benefit private users.

Combat Abusive Government Fines, Fees, And Forfeitures: The WBPA has observed a growing trend of governments using fines and outright forfeitures to take control of property. We imagine this is being done to increase government tax revenues. But the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits these excessive fines that are characterized as fees.

Resist Attempts to by Government to Define Your Private Property Rights: Instead of taking property directly and paying market value when the taking meets the statutory standard for a public purpose, the government seeks to lessen an owner’s control. By lessening the owner’s control, the government effectively turns private property into a public asset while maintaining the ruse of private ownership.

Challenge Regulations That Needlessly and Arbitrarily Limits Free Market Development: Land use laws were originally justified as promoting health and safety and reducing public nuisances. But governments routinely use land use laws to restrict or eliminate development they do not like. In other instances governments use local land use laws to promote social service policies that they believe are desirable or needed.