August 3rd Primary Election Update

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The Washington State Primary Election occurs this year on Tuesday, August 3rd.  Since 2021 is an odd numbered year, only local offices (Mayor, City Council, School Board, etc.) will have races unless there is a resignation and a special election for a Legislative seat is needed (which there are none this year). 

For the upcoming August 3rd election only races which have 3 or more candidates will be on the ballot. Those races which only include 2 candidates will move on directly to the General Election. The top two vote getters of a Primary Election race will move to the General Elections, once the election is certified. 

You may also see on your ballot a few local measures in the form of levies, bonds, and propositions. Depending on the type of election it could require a simple majority of 50% plus 1 vote or it could require a 60% vote (school construction bonds are an example of the 60% threshold requirement).

To download a copy of the Washington State Primary Election Fact Sheet, CLICK HERE.

WA Primary Election Fact Sheet