WBPA Litigation Update: Lawsuit Gaining Traction in the Press

WBPA News,

We are excited to tell you that we have received some excellent press coverage since we filed the Lawsuit last week. As you may know, our lawsuit was featured as the Editor’s Choice story for the Puget Sound Business Journal over the weekend and again today in their Afternoon Edition Newsletter:

KIMA and The Lens have both interviewed WBPA President Kevin Wallace and Lawsuit Plaintiff Enrique Jevons.  The NBC and ABC affiliates in Spokane carried stories this past weekend regarding WBPA challenging the Governor’s Eviction Moratorium. 
Links to all of these stories are listed below:

While it may have taken longer than we had hoped to prepare the lawsuit, the initial news-reporting is fantastic and it will help to develop and enhance the WBPA brand as we move forward.
Thanks for all of your help and support!